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My TVS Electric 3-Ton Car Jack

My TVS Electric 3-Ton Car Jack

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Automatic, Portable & Easy to Operate
 You can easily carry it anywhere due to its sleek design and compact size. Very user-friendly. Simply connect to your car cigarette lighter (12V)
and it starts working automatically.

High Lifting Capacity (3 Ton)
It can lift even quite heavier cars weighing up-to 3 tons. Therefore; whether you own a hatchback, sedans or a big SUV, this sturdy electric jack
works wonders for all cars.

Full Personal Safety
myTVS TJ-65 ensures full personal safety of the user during the operation. It keeps on working as per the instructions even if the power is
disconnected. The raised jack doesn’t fall, even when the power is off. It can be brought down, using the safety unloading knob. Your safety
matters most.

Fully-Equipped Under Low Light
Comes with in-built LED light. Its super bright light is perfect for emergency use under low light/ night operations.

Effortless Operation
Manual assembling and disassembling of flat tyre screws is a time-taking process which requires more efforts can put you in possible danger.
It’s time to buy an electric impact wrench. It’s very easy to use and saves you time & efforts

One-Click Screw Out | It’s Automatic
This wrench comes very handy to remove/ assemble tire bolts/ screws/ nuts quickly while changing a flat tire during an emergency situation.

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